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Why Coffee Blocks

“Instead of having coffee with your breakfast, make coffee BE your breakfast. How? Bolster it with healthy fats that will digest easily and go right to your thinky brain.” - Barefoot Provisions

Putting healthy fats in your cup of joe will turn it into super brain fuel. It’ll give you a boost of energy, make you laser focused, and can even help you feel full until lunch. Plus, you won’t feel the mid-morning “crash” you’d get from eating a carb-filled breakfast. When you first wake up, your body has been in fat burning mode all night. Keep the fat burning going with a morning dose of healthy fats… and coffee!

But there’s one small problem. Adding grass fed butter and organic coconut oil to your coffee is a bit of a pain. Oil and coffee don’t mix. So...

You had to get out the blender…
add the butter...
and coconut oil...
hope you got the proportions right…
brew the coffee...
add it to the blender…
mix the whole thing…
clean up the mess...
And finally...
20 minutes later…
enjoy your daily cup.

Which is fine, if you have 20 extra minutes in the morning and love cleaning the blades of your blender. For everyone else (us included), we invented Coffee Blocks.

Coffee Blocks has all of the magic of Butter Coffee in a small, easy to make packet. No more mess. No more guess. It’s butter coffee you can take & make anywhere. Every bit as good (dare we say better?) as the blend-it-yourself variety. Coffee Blocks is packaged in convenient, portable squeeze packs that make a consistently smooth, creamy cup of energizing butter coffee. Easy. Quick. Done.

Inside of each Coffee Block is EVERYTHING you need to make a deliciously rich butter coffee… well, you still have to bring the water.

Coffee Blocks uses the highest quality ingredients. Grass Fed Butter: Check. Organic Coconut Oil: Yup. Organic Egg Yolk and Organic Vanilla: Yes & Yes. COFFEE: Of course, who doesn’t add coffee into a travel butter coffee? 

Coffee Blocks is the only instant mix butter coffee that actually has coffee in it.

It’s easy to make. Add a Coffee Block to your favorite cat mug or insulated canteen. Pour in some hot water. Mix with a fork, spoon, chopstick… practically anything. Drink and feel the power of butter coffee.

Coffee Blocks is Paleo and Keto Diet friendly. It’s naturally gluten free. Plus, all the ingredients are GMO free.


"OMG I just tried those new Coffee Blocks in the middle of the ocean on a Dreamliner on the way to China after fasting for 16 hours and OMG I think I'm going to blow a brain gasket and OMG when can I buy a case of these because it is totally delicious and makes my brain all happy” - Barefoot Provisions


More Why's.

Because of what’s on the outside...

  • Coffee Blocks can fit into small spaces. Throw them into your backpack, purse, or pocket.
  • They’re convenient to travel with and are quick to make; anywhere.
  • The packaging is bright and fun.
  • Coffee Blocks pay for themselves. Think of how much you’ll save by not buying those $4 sugary, latte-ccinos. 

But, what’s on the inside is what really counts

  • The taste is delicious!
  • Our High Quality Ingredients have amazing health benefits.
  • Healthy fats in Coffee Blocks give you long lasting energy. They train your body to become “fat adapted”, using healthy fats for fuel instead of sugar.
  • No more adding sugar and sweet creamers. They’re no longer needed to have a frothy tasteful cup of coffee. Those guys cause all kinds of health problems. Not to mention they’ll make your energy crash.

Versatile Use

  • For a healthy lifestyle. Coffee Blocks at the start of each day gets your metabolism started right away the right way!
  • For convenience. Save time making butter coffee at work, at home, or on the road.  
  • For happiness. You’re happy coffee moment just got a little better. Kick back and relax with a warm mug of butter coffee. Hike up a trail and enjoy butter coffee at the top. Happiness, how you like it.

More than a Coffee Block

  • The team at Coffee Blocks has done their best to bring you a healthy, useful product that can go with you as you pursue a lifestyle of adventure fueled by healthy choices.
  • We aim to encourage you as you push through to your health and fitness goals, overcome the odds and be the best YOU that you can be!

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