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What is Coffee Blocks

We couldn't say it any better than our friends over at PaleoMagOnline.com:

The most ingenious product to emerge from the Paleo movement so far may be Coffee Blocks, now out of the testing and pre-order phase and available for online purchase. Everyone is raving about Coffee Blocks, from Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo to Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple and Primal Blueprint fame. Even Dr. Oz is jumping on the buttered coffee bandwagon, lending his support to this fledgling—but rapidly expanding—company.

The premise behind Coffee Blocks is as simple as the product itself. A solid block of pre-blended instant coffee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil and free-range egg yolks comes packed in a small container that looks like one of those single-serving coffee machine pods. Rest assured, however, that Coffee Blocks require no fancy equipment and are much tastier than any other one-size-fits-all instant coffee.

Simply add hot water and blend for an almost immediate cup of hot buttered coffee. Not only is the process fast and streamlined; the end result is also delicious. The froth is rich and creamy, and the coffee itself has a body similar to that found in medium-roast beans. There’s no bitter, artificial flavor here—Coffee Blocks have completely revamped instant coffee’s image into something smooth, sophisticated, and aligned with the Paleo lifestyle.

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