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Coffee Blocks Pay for Themselves

Is Butter Coffee expensive?

At first glance Coffee Blocks Instant Butter Coffee may seem expensive. But when you compare it to what you are spending on coffee and breakfast, you may save money. In many cases, Coffee Blocks pay for themselves.

Crazy talk? Check it out. 

We based the cost of breakfast on the following stats from an NPR article in 2008 and adjusted pricing for the 2014/15 averages and then added the average cost of coffee to it.

This NPR article assumed the following as the average breakfast:

2 Eggs

Toast (1/8 Pound) (I know... Us Paleo and Low Carb dieters would probably switch it out for something healthier, like more bacon)

Butter (1/8 Pound) 

Bacon (1/4 Pound) 

The average breakfast (major cities can be a lot higher) is $2.20/day 

The average coffee cost in the US is $2.38/cup (this is just for one cup, but the average coffee drinker has 3.2 cups a day) 

Some of us might even spend more than $4.58 in the morning (if you frequent Starbucks in the am you might pass that dollar amount with coffee alone....we see you $4+ caramel macchiato drinkers out there :-) 

So here is the math:

Average Breakfast Price - $2.20

Average Coffee Price - $2.38 

Total cost of breakfast - $4.58 

x 30 days = $137.40

If you consume the average breakfast, you'd save money by buying the 32 pack of Coffee Blocks and replacing your breakfast with our better butter coffee.

It might take some time to transition and actually re-train your system to fast in the morning. The training is easy, just have a Coffee Block in the morning and eat when you get hungry, but the goal would be to make it to lunch. It's totally possible.

There are some awesome benefits besides weight loss you can read about here.

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