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What's in Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee & Why?

How many cups can I make from 1 packet of Coffee Blocks?

Each packet of Coffee Blocks makes between 8-12oz. It depends on how strong you make them.

What ingredients are in a Coffee Block?

There’s a lot more info on our ingredient page. But here’s a quick rundown of what’s in Coffee Blocks.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from the Philippines.
Clarified Butter from Grass Fed cows that graze in New Zealand
Organic Egg Yolk powder for maximum frothiness
Organic Vanilla to make that delicious latte flavor… all while staying a sugar free coffee.
Instant Coffee from the Chiapas region of Mexico. Currently, the coffee we use is not organic. Why you ask? Many small farmers simply can't afford the cost of organic certification for their product. A non-organic product doesn't mean that it’s low quality. In most cases small farmers are “de facto” or “passive” organic. They just lack the actual certification.
    We're always on the lookout for better tasting and higher quality ingredients. Using organic (certified or passive) coffee is important to us and to you. Stay connected to our social media outlets for updates!
    Where do the carbs in Coffee Blocks come from?

    The coffee. All coffee has trace amounts of carbs. Because instant coffee is super concentrated coffee it has a higher carb content.

    Is Coffee Blocks Gluten free?

    Coffee Blocks is gluten free.

    Where does the milk ingredient come from, I’m lactose intolerant?

    Clarified butter is the milk ingredient. Grass fed butter contains casein protein which can negatively impact people who are lactose intolerant. Clarifying butter removes most of the casein proteins. But how Coffee Blocks affects you depends on your sensitivity. The reactions differ case to case so we suggest you consult your doctor and do what’s best for your body.

    Really, butter in coffee?

    Yes, butter coffee. We use unsalted butter from grass fed cows. Trust me. I added salted butter to coffee once. It wasn't good. Mixing clarified grass fed butter in coffee is like adding a little piece of heaven to your daily cup of joe. The benefits of grass fed butter are amplified by coffee. Coffee is an appetite suppressant. The good fats from grass fed butter give you a boost of energy to start your day. Putting butter in coffee is basically the same thing as adding heavy cream. Butter is heavy cream that has been churned.

    Does Coffee Blocks use grass fed butter?

    Well, butter doesn’t eat grass. But, the cows that make our butter do. Our butter is from cows that are grass fed and hormone free.

    What are the benefits of clarified grass fed butter?

    Clarified Grass fed butter is rich in nutrients. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, CLA, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Butyrate... and more. Grass fed butter can help optimize cholesterol. Cholesterol is very important. It helps builds healthy cell walls and hormones. It can help you absorb calcium and act as an anti-inflammatory. Grass fed clarified butter can even help with weight loss.

    What are the benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?

    Organic Coconut oil is great for promoting heart health, healthy brain function, and a strong immune system. Also, coconut oil benefits us by protecting against yeast, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It can help regulate hormones and blood sugar levels. The MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in coconut oil are quickly metabolized and provide a boost of energy to the brain. MCTs can also help burn calories and reduce your hunger. It can even help with losing weight and is one of the great fat burning foods out there.

    Clarified butter and coconut oil is full of saturated fat. I thought saturated fats were bad for me?

    For years it was claimed that saturated fat was associated with cardiovascular disease. But more recent research #science has shown that theory to be wrong. In truth saturated fat is essential in creating good cholesterol which makes cell membranes and hormones. It's vital for living a healthy life. This isn’t to say that all fats are good fats. Trans fats and some vegetable oils are not healthy fats. They're high in omega-6 fats and are strongly associated with heart disease. It’s important that you know your fats. Find fats that are full of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Fats that’ll give you energy. Make sure that the fats you use are from grass fed, pastured, wild, or organic sources.

    Why not use just MCT Oil?

    We love all of the benefits of coconut oil, not just the MCTs. While MCT oil is awesome (heck, sometimes we add a shot to our own coffee) there are other coconut oil benefits that we think are useful. We like its ability to protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It helps to raise good cholesterol. Plus it's solid at room temp and shelf stable for a long time.

    Do you have a decaf version?

    Not yet. There are a few new versions that we’re working on, including decaf. Please keep in touch with us for all new updates though!

    How to make Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

    How do I make a cup of Coffee Blocks?

    It's easy. Squeeze a Coffee Block into a cup or insulated canteen. Add hot water (we prefer 4 oz room temp, 8 oz hot). Mix it until you get a nice head of foam. Boom! Better Butter Coffee. For more detailed instructions, check out these "How to Make" Videos:

    How to make at Home

    How to make at Work

    How to make while Camping

    I did something wrong! Why are there little bits floating around?

    Don’t worry, you can still drink it. Next time try making it with slightly cooler water. Sometimes when the water is too hot the egg yolks clump together.

    What do I do if my Coffee Blocks arrive too hard to squeeze out. What about if they’re too liquidy?

    No problem here! The texture of Coffee Blocks can change depending on the temperature of the room they’re in. If they’re colder they’ll be more solid. You can run it under hot water or just knead the packet in your hands to soften it. If the Coffee Blocks are more liquidy just squeeze into your cup, stir, and enjoy.

    It looks like all of the ingredients separated in the packet. Is it still okay to use?

    Yeah, they’re still totally fine to use… though they're a little less pretty to look at. Sometimes Coffee Blocks get warm and liquidy during shipping. The heavier ingredients (the coffee) will settle to the bottom. The best thing to do is to knead the packet to remix the ingredients. This will make sure that the proper proportion of ingredients are added to your cup.

    Can I drink Coffee Blocks cold?

    It’s possible, but adding Coffee Blocks directly to cold water isn’t the best experience. The coconut oil and butter will clump up at that temperature. We've had better luck mixing up a Coffee Block in warm water and then pouring it over ice. If you figure out a better way, please let us know.

    Should I add cream and sugar to my Coffee Blocks?

    We don’t recommend it. One of the greatest benefits of Coffee Blocks is that it helps you live a healthier sugar-free lifestyle. Also, Coffee Blocks already has cream in it. Butter is cream that has been churned.

    Can I eat Coffee Blocks out of the pouch?

    It’s totally safe to eat directly out of the packet. Taste-wise it’s a matter of preference. It can be a bit strong, but Steven loves eating it this way.

    Can I cook with Coffee Blocks?

    You can. We’ve had a few chefs tell us they love cooking with Coffee Blocks. They use it as an ingredient in chili or as a steak rub.

    Do I need to refrigerate my Coffee Blocks

    Nope. Coffee Blocks are shelf stable for up to nine months.

    Coffee Blocks as a Lifestyle

    Coffee Blocks can be consumed wherever you are and whenever you like. See below why breakfast is a great time to consume them. Drinking Coffee Blocks is as simple as open, stir and drink! The charm is it’s convenience.

    Should I still eat breakfast?

    My mom always told me breakfast was the most important meal of the day. We think Coffee Blocks is the perfect breakfast. When we start the day with healthy fats, our body turns it into energy and continues to burn fats throughout the day. Cravings are minimal. If we consume sugar first thing in the morning our bodies quickly burns through it and then causes sugar cravings. It creates a vicious sugar cycle. Making you feel hungry and more likely to make poor food decisions. We use Coffee Blocks for our breakfast and then eat when we get hungry. Our goal is to make it to lunch. The best way to decide is to have a Coffee Block first thing in the morning and then, if you are still hungry, eat a healthy breakfast. Again our general rule is have a Coffee Block for breakfast and eat a healthy meal when I get hungry.

    How does the price of Coffee Blocks compare to other breakfast/coffee products?

    Coffee Blocks are cheaper than the average breakfast and coffee. Especially, when a lot of drinks at coffee shops can be upwards of $4.50. When you drink Coffee Blocks you’re getting more than just a cup of coffee. You’re getting quality ingredients that are full of healthy fats which actually work with your body to make and maximize energy! Talk about rocking your morning. All this without subjecting your body to the sugar and carbs that most of us have in our breakfast foods. Plus, you’ll avoid the caffeine crash that can come from plain coffee without healthy fats.

    What if I just want to try Coffee Blocks, can I get a sample?

    We have a sample pack of two Coffee Blocks for purchase.

    Is this Bulletproof® Coffee?

    Short answer, no. Coffee Blocks accomplishes many of the same health benefits, but is easier to make and travel with. Bulletproof® Coffee is a trademark of Bulletproof® Executive, which we have no affiliation with. The Bulletproof® Coffee recipe calls for MCT oil. We feel that there are more benefits of coconut oil than just the MCTs. It has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, it has the ability to raise HDL (good) cholesterol, and its shelf stable.

    Do you have subscriptions and can I cancel my subscription if I need to?

    Yes. You have monthly subscriptions which saves you 5% on a 16 pack, 10% on a 24 pack, 15% on a 32 pack and 20% on a 64 pack. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancel by emailing us or logging into your account. The only exception is for any product already received.

    Can I travel with Coffee Blocks?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. This what Coffee Blocks was made for. You can take butter coffee with you wherever you go. We've customers that have travelled all over the world with Coffee Blocks. Though we encourage you to check with their airline to make sure.


    When will you ship my Coffee Blocks?

    We ship Monday - Friday. Any orders placed before Noon PST will ship next business day. Orders placed over the weekend ship on Tuesday. Please keep track of your tracking.

    How much does it cost to ship Coffee Blocks?

    Domestic shipping is free on orders over $30.  Orders under $30 the shipping and handling charge is $2.95.   For international orders it varies by country.  Please check out to see what shipping on your international order would be.  Also please read our international shipping policies.

    Who do you ship with?

    We ship domestic orders by USPS, UPS and Fedex. It depends on shipping method selected, cost, and location. International orders ship via DHL Express.

    When will I get tracking info and a delivery date?

    Once your order has shipped, it takes 24 hours to receive an expected delivery date. If there’s change of address, we can possibly change it if we’re notified the same day as the order. Once your order has shipped we are unable to change your delivery address.

    Can you ship to a PO Box?

    No. We often ship using UPS and they only deliver to physical addresses.

    Do you do International Shipping?
    No, not at this moment. Pls check back soon

    Where to Buy

    Are there any stores in my area that sell Coffee Blocks?
    Can I buy an individual sample pack of Coffee Blocks?

    Coffee Blocks come in packs of eight. We don’t sell individual packets on our online store. The smallest amount we sell is 2 in the Sample Pack. Many retail locations sell individual Coffee Blocks Here's a list of stores that carry Coffee Blocks


    How can I carry Coffee Blocks in my store?

    Just reach out to our wholesale team at Chad@coffeeblocks.com. or fill out your info on our Wholesale Page.

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