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We’re Coffee Blocks. We've reinvented Butter Coffee.

"At the beginning of your day, you’ll look at our product and see a representation of us - our beliefs, our love of simplicity, and our desire to bring health and happiness together." - Tom Meredith

Coffee Blocks are made in SoCal and are enjoyed around the world.

Our Team: 

We all have a passion for fitness from our own backgrounds in sports (Chad - UCLA Distance Runner, Tom - Skeleton Athlete, and Steven - International Shotokan Karate Competitor), but our current lives and ambitions are geared toward healthy lifestyles that remain functional in real life scenarios where there are jobs, kids, spouses and other impactful responsibilities that constantly pull us in opposite directions.

We believe in making life healthy AND simple. Our team focuses on making instant butter coffee that has long lasting energy, is full of healthy fats, and is super easy to make....even for your very full lives.

Tom Meredith @tommeredith  


Chad Galbreath @chadgalbreath


Steven Kiefer @stevenkiefer




Sarah-Gayle Galbreath

Charissa Kiefer 

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