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Butter in Coffee News: The Telegraph Predicts the Year in Coffee. Does Butter Coffee Make the Cut?

The end of butter coffee?

The Year in Coffee, according to Barista Jochem Verheijen.

In an effort to predict the latest trends and the future of coffee drinking, The Telegraph interviewed the head of coffee at Harris + Hoole, Barista Jochem Verheijen.

Verheijen, sees 2015 to be the year of simplification of coffee. As the coffee industry continues to grow in the UK, he expects that customers will develop a more sophisticated palette towards brewed coffee.

“bulletproof coffee and sugary syrups are over”

His predictions include smaller servings, less sugar, and the end of the “fad” of butter coffee. He feels that coffee has enough health benefits as is, so there’s no need to put butter in coffee.

Reading between the lines in the Telegraph article, it would seem that coffee drinkers are becoming more health conscious. Fewer sugary coffee drinks are being order, the huge calorie bombs are shrinking, and the health benefits of coffee are being recognized.

We still believe in the health benefits of butter coffee. But more than that, we love the taste, the convenience, and the energy boost we feel from putting coconut oil and butter in coffee. Coffee Blocks is the product of that love and the product that we love.

Perhaps the old Mark Twain quote needs be repurposed by butter coffee.

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

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