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Butter in Coffee News: Butter Coffee will be the Big Food Trend in 2015

Butter Coffee to be a big trend in 2015

According to Rachel Ray and, “Restaurant: Impossible’s” Robert Irvine, buttered coffee will be one of the hottest food trends this year.

What’s that mean for you? Well, nothing since you’re already in the know, but congratulations, you’re a trendsetter. Whether you’ve been enjoying Bulletproof Coffee for years or have only recently started putting butter in coffee, you’re steps ahead of everyone else.

I’m glad that buttered coffee is starting to get some love in the media, but putting butter in coffee has been a trend for awhile. What started off with Bulletproof Coffee and a small group of biohackers has already gone past trend into a daily staple.

While the rest of the country is slowly coming around to the fact that healthy fats are an essential part of a healthy diet, you’re already here. You’re taking control of your health and starting your day off with a huge boost of energy that lasts. So keep on making butter coffee. Keep cooking with coconut oil and may you forever enjoy the amazingness of grass fed butter.

Coffee Blocks is here to help make the "trend" easier to get into. Coffee Blocks is the easiest way to make butter coffee. You can store them in the fridge at home and work. All you have to do is drop them in hot water, mix, and enjoy. My favorite part is that there's zero cleanup. 

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