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Butter is better than Sugar

Sugar is bad; butter coffee is good

Death by Sugar

I have to admit, I have a sweet tooth. My kids trick or treating for Halloween is the first step in an all out attack on my sweet tooth for the holidays. My two sons came home with more pieces of candy than they should eat in an entire year. As a caring father, I felt like it was my responsibility to support them by eating at least half of their candy that first night. But seriously, Halloween leads right into thanksgiving pies, holiday parties, and all out free fall from a fairly low sugar diet to daily cravings of sweetness.

I had to remind myself of my health goals, and the dark side of sugar. Let's look at a couple of the reasons why sugar is bad, and maybe this will help regain control our sugar consumption in a way that supports our health.

Why Sugar is Bad? 

  1. Sugar suppresses our immune system. As fall kicks into winter, the last thing we want is to lower the effectiveness of our immune system, but that is exactly what sugar does. An increase of sugar in our blood stream from a soda, cookie, candy bar, name your sweet of choice, lowers our body’s ability to fight off attacking viruses. Now imagine if you have a couple sweets a day; coffee with sugar in the morning, soda with lunch, and a desert after dinner. You just spent the whole day with a weakened immune system.
  2. Sugar suppresses the body’s ability to regulate appetite, leaving us susceptible to over eating.
  3. Sugar is one of the leading causes for fat storage. Is it any surprise, that as the American diet has increased in sugar we have seen a consistent increase in body fat?
  4. Sugar can be high in calories and void of nutrients.
  5. Sugar can cause insulin resistance and play a role in potential diabetes.
You can look online and find article after article discussing the downfall of the American diet as sugar consumption increased. Many of us are not even fully aware of how much sugar we actually consume on a daily basis. For example, do you sweeten your coffee? Adding sugar to our coffee is a dangerous first step, It increases our appetite for more sugar the rest of the day, and it starts the cycle of negative health consequences including the 5 above we already discussed.

 Replacing Sugar with Butter

So what is the alternative to sugar in your coffee? Try butter. Seriously, before Coffee Blocks I struggled with my consumption of coffee because of the amount of sugar I used. But now, with Coffee Blocks I get to enjoy my coffee. I have replaced the negative impact of sugar with the positive health benefits of grass fed butter and coconut oil. I have also noticed that my overall cravings for sugar have reduced. If you haven’t already give butter coffee a try. Who knows you might just like it, and your body will thank you for it.
Chad Galbreath
Team Coffee Blocks

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