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Coffee Blocks are Coming. Are You Ready?

Coffee Blocks Instant Butter Coffee: Kickstarter Update 7


We're shipping out Coffee Blocks early next week(9/15/14ish). As a reminder, Coffee Blocks are a frozen product, so we'll be shipping them in insulated containers with gel packs/dry ice. Because they are perishable we want to make sure you'll be in town to receive them. 

If you're going to be out of town or for any reason unable to receive them mid to late next week, email us at and we will hold on to them until you are back in town. 

Coffee Blocks are Shipping Early Next Week

If you preordered Coffee Blocks or backed us on Kickstarter, your Coffee Blocks are shipping next week. I can't describe how excited we are to get these into our earliest supporters hands. We are also pretty proud too.

Over the course of setting up our Kickstarter project, we backed 4 other projects. Each one ended before Coffee Blocks did, but we're going to beat all 4 of them in shipping out product. Boom!!!

To the Future

It has been a tough 2.5 months and this is only the beginning. Your support and the learning experience of starting up Coffee Blocks, has set us up to create a truly special company.

Since our Kickstarter finished, we've continued to take preorders. We've had so much interest in Coffee Blocks that we've already sold out of our whole first production run. Most companies would be excited if they couldn't keep the product on shelves... we can't even get Coffee Blocks onto shelves before they're sold. 

We are currently lining up the next few production runs. We expect to ship orders from batch #2 in Late October. So, if you love Coffee Blocks and want to make sure you don't run out - reorder soon. 

As always, thank you for all of the support and patience. 

-Tom, Steven, & Chad

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