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Coffee Blocks Instant Butter Coffee: Kickstarter Update 6

It's hard to believe that we launched our Kickstarter campaign 3 months ago. We started off with a hope that people would be interested in our passion product; and you were. Your support has powered us through the last 2 months. 

From the outset, our hope was to have Coffee Blocks shipped by the end of August. It was an aggressive timeline, but there's nothing like a little fire under you to keep you motivated. 

We knew there would be challenges and sure enough we hit a few, the biggest of which was getting our sealing machine before we started our Coffee Block production run. It was scheduled to arrive the day before our run started. That left no room for error and there was a significant downside in lost ingredients and funds. So, we decided to postpone production for 1 week.

Last week, we spent a huge amount of time with the team at our production facility. We got the whole process dialed in and started making Coffee Blocks on a massive scale. The full production run will be completed this week. 

Next week the Coffee Blocks will be transported to our fulfillment partner and from there they will be processed and fulfilled to our amazing Kickstarter Backers. 

Long story, short. We expect to start shipping everything around September 15

We apologize for the small delay and are thankful for your patience and feedback so far. 

-Tom, Steven, & Chad 

Where Things Stand... 

  • All of the Kickstarter Surveys have been sent out (please fill them out if you haven't already:) )
  • All of the Coffee Blocks Shirts have been shipped
  • Our Coffee Blocks production run finishes this week. 

What's Next... 

  • Over 8000 Coffee Blocks will be loaded on 2 pallets and transported to our fulfillment company (Labor Day is slowing this down slightly) 
  • Your Coffee Blocks will be shipped out around September 15

 Real Pictures of Real Coffee Blocks Being Made

1000's of foil Coffee Blocks lids.

Making the 6 Pack Boxes

The first four Coffee Blocks to come off of the production line

Lot's of Blocks. Seriously, don't put Coffee Blocks in pod based coffee machines.

Don't forget to store your Coffee Blocks in the freezer

A case of Coffee Blocks

A case of Coffee Blocks; packed and ready to be sent to the fulfiller

Stay in the Know...

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