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The Coffee Blocks Store has Launched

In honor of Independence Day, we are offering free shipping on all of our products. Just use the discount code July4Special at checkout. 


It's been a crazy road for Coffee Blocks over the last 2 months. We launched our Kickstarter campaign and, thanks to you, have successfully funded our project. (more on our Kickstarter campaign in a future post)


One of our biggest pushes since the campaign, has been to get a sleek, functional store up and running. So that we can start to grow the sales side of our business as we continue to refine the production pipeline.


I'm excited to announce that our store has launched, On our store you'll be able to preorder packages of Coffee Blocks  and our super soft Coffee Blocks shirts. The Coffee Blocks are expected to ship in August and the shirts even sooner. 


We've been seeing more stories about adding butter to coffee and we are proud to offer the easiest to make version. Each Coffee Block contains enough grass fed butter, coffee, organic coconut oil, free range egg yolks, and organic vanilla to make the perfect cup of butter coffee. Just drop into 10 oz of hot water and mix. 

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