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How to Make Better Butter Coffee Camping

The Easiest Breakfast in the World.

I'm not sure that making a nice cup of butter coffee while camping has ever been possible... before now.

Making regular coffee while "roughing it" is already super challenging. For butter coffee, you have to travel with a stick of butter and a tub of coconut oil. Then you have to mix it with a twig or something (like a spoon :) and try to get a froth. I always ended up with an oil slick on top. 

Camping with Coffee Blocks is the exact opposite. They're small enough to fit in any pocket. You just need to heat up some water on the fire or stove. Add that, some cool water, and your Coffee Block to a insulated bottle or mug. Then mix. It's super frothy, delicious, and the clean up is way easy.

If you used the insulated bottle, you'll have hot butter coffee all morning long. No matter how cold. 

The insulated bottle is how I make mine everyday. At home, the office, everywhere...

Block On!


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