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How to Make Better Butter Coffee at the Office

The Easiest Breakfast in the World.

Have you ever tried to make butter coffee at work? It's impossible. We'll I guess you could take your blender and French press to work. You'll have to store your butter in the fridge. Make sure to put your name and date on it. Otherwise, you know Carl in Accounting will throw it out. He's so old school. And don't forget your tub of coconut oil. 

That's just the raw ingredients. Then there's the whole process of making it. You're totally going to be late for your 10 am meeting.


You could just put your Coffee Block packet into your favorite mug. Get some hot water (and a little cold) out of the water cooler. Mix and kill your day like the shark you are.

You can even mix Coffee Blocks with a plastic fork. 

Shark Mug to Kill Your Day

Fun fact. Making butter coffee at work is how we came up with the idea for Coffee Blocks. That scenario above. That was me. Steven used to get so annoyed with the mess and all the supplies. So I started to make individual servings at home in an ice cube tray and bring them in. 

I turned Steven from a hater into a lover of butter coffee. You're next.



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