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How to Make Better Butter Coffee at Home

The Easiest Breakfast in the World.

We know how time-consuming making butter coffee is. Maybe you overslept or are chasing the kids around the house. Either way, there's rarely time to brew coffee, get out the blender, add butter and coconut oil, and mix. Oh, and don't forget about the clean up. Have you ever tried to clean a greasy blender... It's, literally, the worst. 

That's why Coffee Blocks is so amazing (if I do say so myself ;). Make some hot water while you rush to get you and the kids ready. Add the hot water, a little cold or room temp water, and a Coffee Block packet to your travel mug. Mix and enjoy as you run out the door. 

Or... If you have nothing to do. Make it the same way, but add it to your favorite mug and just enjoy your happy coffee moment. Coffee Blocks is also the prefect beginning to a lazy day. 

I love my lazy coffee days.

- tom|me

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