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Hello World! Coffee Blocks is here.

Coffee Blocks has been in development for over a year. We've perfected our recipe, found manufacturing, and are now ready to bring you the next evolution of instant coffee. It has the perfect combination of healthy fats and caffeine to give you a boost of energy that lasts all morning. 

The whole Coffee Blocks team is super proud to share our final product with you. We've found the best ingredients out there. Our butter comes from grass fed cows, our coconut oil is organic, and our egg yolks are from free range chickens. We've searched the country for the perfect manufacturer, one who shares our beliefs and found them on the other side of the country. But distance doesn't matter to us, it's only a small inconvenience compared to the quality and experience our manufacturer delivers.

While the story of starting Coffee Blocks is for another post, the idea that motivated us and kept driving us through all of the hurdles of starting a company is this - Create an amazing product that brings together the benefits of coffee, grass fed butter, and coconut oil, but only needs one ingredient to be made, hot water.

We hope you love Coffee Blocks as much as we do. 

-The Coffee Blocks Team


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