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The Magic of Honor


We know that showing up at the gym day in and day out can be a challenge in and of itself and while things like motivation and accountability can help people make better decisions and maybe even form better habits, it is easy to see that not all lives and routines are crafted in a way to make fitness life simple....and sometimes that's the sad reason people stop showing up at the gym all together.

So after honoring the elite at the games last weekend we'd like to honor the everyday athlete that runs into the gym after work just in the nick of time for the warm up and doesn't have the time to stick around after class to roll out because he or she has to pick up the kiddos, cook for the fam or is already running late for day job number two #thestruggleisreal

So if you read this far and someone special from your gym came to mind, please take minute and tell us about that person. 

Send us an email with a brief description about that person to 

subject line : HONOR

We will pick 2-3 individuals and create a small goodie bag for them for you to present to them as a "you are awesome" gift.

Once we receive the emails you can expect the following:

  • We will read and pick three individuals from three different gyms
  • We will put together a box with some Coffee Blocks and other small goodies (we are still gathering)
  • We will write a hand written card
  • we will send you the box and you can honor the individual with our gift 

Coffee Blocks is about powering people who empower others


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